Christopher Bass DBG
(Double Bass Guitar)
Designed to answer the age old question "how can I make my electric bass sound more like a double bass?"  The Christopher DBG is a fully acoustic bass guitar with a state of the art dual piezo pickup and pre-amp system.  It packs as much Double-Bass tone and feel as possible into an electric bass sized instrument.

Christopher Bass DBG+
(Double Bass Guitar Plus)
Deeper body made with traditional bent sides.

Building a DBG
Where does a Christopher Bass start?  The picture to the left is the answer, it starts with a tree.  An Adirondack Red Spruce tree to be exact.  This picture is from 2003, and that's me, Dave Smith, taking a core sample from the largest red spruce tree I've ever found.  Many of the basses I'm making today use wood from that tree!

If you are interested in learning more about how the Christopher Bass Guitar DBG is built, click

Christopher Bass, VM-1
The Christopher VM-1 is both Vintage and Modern at the same time.  A state of the art bass guitar with timeless looks.  It's lineage can be traced from modern iconic basses such as the Fender Precision, Rickenbacker 4000 series, and Danelectro Longhorn to 1920s era Gibson f-5 Mandolins and Banjos.  Classic style, beautiful and aggressive looking, without being over the top makes the VM-1 at home on any stage from rock-n-roll to blues and jazz.